Sunday, June 04, 2006

Eating in Japan

Eating in Japan

Hello All,

Since I got here, eating has been one of the biggest adventures. Just trying to figure out what is what is one the biggest problems for me. When I was looking up the school on the internet, they showed pictures of a display case with at least what type of meat in English. I thought with that, everything was going to be ok, until I talked to our next door neighbor. She lived here for eight years and said that the only thing to eat is raw fish. I am not a huge fan of Sushi so that kind of scared me.

Then when we first went to the cafeteria, that was what most of the things were. But this was at lunch and I hadn't eaten since I got off the plane so I would have had just about anything. I ended up getting the curry and rice with a salad. It was ok, not too great, but not too bad, except the salad. I put some sesame seed dressing on it and it is hot and sweet at the same time. My taste buds didn't particularly care for that. But I had seen McDonald's(the same just with smaller portions and a bit more expensive) earlier that morning and decided if it got too bad, I would just have that for every meal(and then make a documentary if I gained any wait , I even thought of a clever name, "Supersize Me"). That night we went back to the cafeteria and I had chicken with rice and something almost like ranch dressing on my salad and I thought I was in heaven. Food that was really good and it only cost me 400 yen (about $3.50).

Then yesterday, for lunch we went to the cafeteria and when they were telling me what everything was, on of the things they said was hamburger. You would not believe how excited I got. It turns out that it is kind of like meatloaf, but still not too bad. I just found out though from our friend that used to live here that it might have been kangaroo. Oh well.

It was Saturday so everyone went home early and I was left by myself trying to figure out what I was going to do for dinner. We went to You Me Town (something like Wal-Mart) on Friday so I decide I would go over there, because that is where I saw McDonald's. Anyway I walked over there, passing a few restaurants because I knew that I could never order by myself. I walked in and started looking around and found that there were a few things that were familiar, even if the writing was in Japanese. I found Kellogg’s cereal like Frosted Flakes and Coco-Crispies. I also found snack foods like Doritos and Pringles (which were like $2.60 for the little snack size), and candy like Mentos and Kit-Kat that came in both the traditional chocolate and the unusual fruit flavor. The funniest thing though had to be the soda with "Made in America" in big letters. It just looked like some store brand of soda, but it seemed like something special. I think I am going to stick to good old Coca-Cola, which I have scene comes in a citrus flavor that I will have to try sometime.

Well, after I had wandered around the store for about an hour just looking, I decided I would get some Doritos, some Juice, and some doughnut. Then on the way out, I decide to get something from the bakery part of the store. Everything was freshly made from bagels to freshly made doughnuts (just more expensive than the ones I bought in the package). I decided on something that resembled pizza. It had crust and cheese and many vegetable (even corn) toppings, and then some kind of meat. I also bought something that was like a toasted sandwich (the students I went with the first time called it a bagel but it was not round) with cheese, tomato, and meat. After a short trip back to my room I found out that the food was actually really good. Who would have guessed I would have found food I really liked.

All this talk about food has made me hungry so I am going to go eat. I think I am going to try 7-11. I read online from another exchange student that they make good lunches (at least better than the US). We will have to see.

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