Monday, June 19, 2006

End of the Weekend

Hello all,

I know it hasn’t been very long since the last time, but I finally made it to church. I though I would make a quick entry and tell you all about it. Last night, after I got back from Hiroshima, I called the American guy that I met last week. He said that it wasn’t too late to get a ride in the morning. I went out this morning to go meet him by his dorm, and to my surprise he was already at the door. I turned out the person giving the ride had to be there earlier that Brian thought.

We got to church, and the moment I walked through the door, I knew this church would be a little different. Just like at the entrance to my dorm there was a big rack for shoes. I was told that I could use slippers if I wanted to. I later found that that most of the Japanese people just went bare foot or in socks. The service was on the second floor of the service, and after I filled our as much of the guest card as I could, I made my way up there. Soon, the singing started, which was kind of awkward, because even the songs that I recognized, I couldn’t sing along with because they were in a different language. Once the preaching started with the translations, everything seemed normal, or at least am much as could be expected. I had taken my Bible, and so I could follow the outline that had been translated and read the passages my Bible. Since it is Father’s Day, the message was about how God is our Heavenly Father, but does many things that an earthly father does like corrects us when we are disobedient out of love.

Following the service every week they serve a meal, and because it was my first time, it was free for me(it is usually 200 yen). It was noodles with something in it, I am still not sure exactly what it was. At first I thought it was some kind of meat, but it didn’t taste like anything I had ever had before. There was some type of powdered something that all the kids were pouring on the dish and at first I thought, “Oh, I should try it even though I don’t know what it is, because if the kids like it, it must not be too bad.” Instead I asked Brian, after studying the bag for a bit, he told me that as much as he could figure it was powdered squid. I politely passed when they latter asked if I wanted any.

Later that afternoon I decided that I would go to YouMeTown. I got the idea that it might be easiest to learn the symbols of Hiragana and Katakana the same way the kids do, with little books where you trace the letters. I found the ones with the simple math and with the reading, and after about half an hour, I finally found the right one. I got that book, a notebook, and a Japanese-English dictionary. We will see how much I use them. After I pick up some groceries, I headed out, but not before picking up dinner. I thought that since Subway was so good yesterday, I would try McDonald’s today. I walked in an after minimal had gestures, I managed to order a No. 1, exactly the same as back home. I got back to my room and couldn’t wait to try it. I tasted exactly the same; I think they must use the exact same ingredients for the fries and the bun, and even the meat. And the best thing was that it didn’t cost that much more than in the US. Well, I better get to bed, I got in late last night and the weekend is when I am supposed to catch up.

Till next time,



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