Monday, June 05, 2006

Just a little Scare

Hello All,

Well, the weekend is now over, and, as usual, I got very little done. I did figure out some computer things and managed to get to the store by myself, but I didn't learn Japanese as I had hoped. Maybe next weekend.

I am still a little to scared to travel too far by myself so I stuck to the lab (for internet), and my room for most of the weekend. I did see the Constant Gardener, with was a pretty good movie. It was the only one out of the many that I didn't see while I was one the plane (mostly because I know that I could watch it later).

The only thing of any interest that happened this weekend was last night. In case you don't know, in Japan, Sunday is the main "holiday" as they call it. Most things are closed and nobody is out. This also meant that the people in the lab that help me get around stayed home. I have a key to the lab so I came in to check my email since I had nothing else to do. I also wanted to get something set up so I could have church services recorded so I could watch/listen to them sometime (there are very few Christian churches and I haven't found one that has services in English). After I had messes around with that for a few hours, I decided to go home and watch a movie at about six. I went back to my room and stuck the key in the door just like always, and I heard the key, just like always and turned the handle, but the door was still locked. After trying about ten times, I started to get worried, but I am persistent so I tried another ten or so before I gave up. Luckily there is Japanese student that is here for two months and I went up and asked him for help. He came down and couldn't get it to work either. He asked if I had paid the bill, and I really got scared because I hadn't talked to Dr. Yamamoto and to figure out everything yet and I hadn't paid anything. We went down to the main desk in another building, but it was closed because it was Sunday and it was after six. I started trying to figure out were I could sleep for the night, maybe on the floor of the lab or something. But then he found a number and called someone (that only spoke Japanese) who came and they talked for a while and it started looking hapless. Then the manager called someone else and finally he got the master key and unlocked the door. And as soon as he opened the door, the key started working again. After that I took a five minute bath(I was afraid to look the door again), ate my butter and jelly sandwich, watched my movie and went to bed at 10:00 dead tired(I still don't think I am completely over the jet lag). Well that's about it and I have to get back to chemistry.

Till next time


Blogger Tami said...

konichi wa! just passing through =) i enjoyed reading your posts. i've always wanted to study in a foreign country. traveling plus the things you'll learn is really great! am sure Japan is going to be a great experience for you. =)

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