Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fish, Fish, and more Fish

Hello All,

It has been a while since I only talked about food, but last night I had another new experience. Sometime last week, everybody was talking about another party. I guess that some of the guys were having a big test yesterday, and afterward, everybody

was going to go out to eat. They came over and asked if I wanted to go and told me it was like yakiniku. I had so much fun when we had gone there I decided I would spend the 3,000 yen and splurge for the night. The time finally came to go to eat, and when we started driving, I realized we weren’t taking to same route. I asked the guy that was sitting next to me if we were going to the same place, and all he managed to tell me was something about fish. Fish isn’t my favorite food, but I figured they would have to have more than just fish.

When we got to the table, I started getting a little worried when I saw the large fish that was staring at me. I was informed that it was raw red snapper, or sashimi (sashimi is any type of raw fish). I have always tried everything at least once, so I decided that I would do that this time too. The taste was not so bad, but I didn’t really care for the texture. I had a few pieces with soy sauce and even had a few pieces with wasabi. I knew that the wasabi had to be pretty bad because as soon as I agreed to try it, the table was almost silent, and when I finally took the bite, everyone started laughing. It wasn’t that bad, but I didn’t find anything too special about it.

Next, there was more fish. They kept bringing out more and more plates throughout the night, and many of them were fish. There were two different kinds of fish soup, and one dish was fish with “special sauce,” which had the consistency of mashed Jello. I wouldn’t even try that one once; that or the dish that the described to me as a mixture of bones from the sashimi, but I tried the rest of the food. There was some shrimp in little patties and fried that was ok. I really enjoyed having the chicken and spaghetti even if it was cold. We finished with some fish rice.

I thought that we were done with dinner because the waitresses had started taking the plates away. Then they brought out a big plate of fruit. I was so excited, because I only ate a few bites of most of the fish dishes. We all started eating at the fruit and I found one type of fruit that I had never had before. It was a small, brown piece of fruit that had a thick peal on it. We were all talking about different fruit and the differences between Japan and the United States. Then one of them say that I had eaten a grape, peel and all. He told the rest of the and they all assured him that he must be mistaken. None of them could believe that I would eat grapes with the peal still on it. One of the guys even tried to get me to stop because it was so bad for me.

I got one last surpise as we were walking out. There was a man with a fish net over the aquarium. I asked one of the guys about it, and they just told me that what is how they serve the fish so fresh. They keep it in the aquarium till they have to kill it. Oh well. It ended up being a great time for everyone. I would still rather go to the yakiniku place for 3,000 yen, but I was glad that I did it at least once. I have to go get back to the chemistry.

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